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Arcane Source

Arcane Source
Yes, she was getting really close. It was it. The old tome, while cryptic in its description, was correct. The Source was somewhere around.
As all sorceresses she was trained to feel magical aura around her, and the air was overflowing with energy here. It was like a firework of sparks in the corner of her sight. Perhaps in the cave this creek is coming from.
Yes. The Source of Magic. So strong, so captivating, so...
She felt happy, almost giddy. The Power was making her drunk with possibilities.

Model: Honeyhair
Dress: Adrienne Latex Design
Video editing: Rikapt
Music: Magic Forest by Kevin MacLeod
H.264, FullHD, Published: Nov 28 2017, 1:42

Sway with Me - Behind the Scene

Sway with Me - Behind the Scene
Another month and another pretty lady I posed with in a photoshoot this year - Susan Wayland. I'm sure you all know this gorgeous lady. What a delight it was to model together.
We synchronized our dresses for this purpose. What a lovely coincidence we own a similar pair from Simon O.
Watch this behind the scenes video of a very chilly day photoshooting.
H.264, FullHD, Published: Oct 30 2017, 5:00

Pink Stripes

Pink Stripes
This latex stripes of the Dawnamatrix harness set leaves really very little to imagination. Turn up the kinkiness by adding knee-high shiny boots and an inflatable mattress.
I didn't need to have any water around to enjoy the feeling of the PVC material on my body and have fun.
H.264, FullHD, Published: Aug 30 2017, 4:41