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Sway with Me - Behind the Scene

Sway with Me - Behind the Scene
Another month and another pretty lady I posed with in a photoshoot this year - Susan Wayland. I'm sure you all know this gorgeous lady. What a delight it was to model together.
We synchronized our dresses for this purpose. What a lovely coincidence we own a similar pair from Simon O.
Watch this behind the scenes video of a very chilly day photoshooting.
H.264, FullHD, Published: Oct 30 2017, 5:00

Pink Stripes

Pink Stripes
This latex stripes of the Dawnamatrix harness set leaves really very little to imagination. Turn up the kinkiness by adding knee-high shiny boots and an inflatable mattress.
I didn't need to have any water around to enjoy the feeling of the PVC material on my body and have fun.
H.264, FullHD, Published: Aug 30 2017, 4:41

La Diva

La Diva
This look is very dominant. I so love it.
Another amazing outfit I was lucky to present on a catwalk in Prague.
Designer: Nona G. Lack
Videographer: Murhaaya
H.264, FullHD, Published: Jul 10 2017, 2:08