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April 23rd 2010

About Fetish Evolution 2010

I went to Fetish Evolution for the third time in a row now. It was last moment decision again but definitely worth it.

Personally I consider it the best European fetish party. It's always about meeting friends and having fun all in the same hotel and enjoying the fetish parties in great venues.

One very nice specific of Fetish Evolution is the fair, which is held in the conference rooms of the central hotel. How cool it is to get up whenever ones wants, make few steps and be in the middle of fetish haut fashion. And then having a light lunch in the hotel restaurant before returning for more shopping spree.

Off to the fair
Honeyhair @ Fetish Evolution Essen 2010 - #001

Trying on ballet boots from Latex Fashion Design
Honeyhair @ Fetish Evolution Essen 2010 - #002

A little teaser of my ordered latex costume from Heveas Heaven
Honeyhair @ Fetish Evolution Essen 2010 - #003

Enjoying soup after shopping at the Expo :-)
Honeyhair @ Fetish Evolution Essen 2010 - #004

Nicely refreshed after a couple of dozen minutes spent in sauna
Honeyhair @ Fetish Evolution Essen 2010 - #005

The last day after all the parties. Tired but happy :-)
Honeyhair @ Fetish Evolution Essen 2010 - #006

Photo from Preparty by www.phottos.de unfortunately I couldn't find any picture from the main ball in my fabulous green Ectomorphe dress. I will have to show you next time. ;-)
Honeyhair @ Fetish Evolution Essen 2010 - #007

April 19th 2010


Oh Paris, Paris. I've always heard that.

Never being there before I must admit I went to Paris with high expectations. Except the booked shooting I considered it a little vacation as well and planned to do some sightseeing too.

Unfortunately the weather was unfriendly for shooting outside therefore I did only studio photos. So I have one reason to come back to Paris soon again at least :-)

Except the must seen attractions I visited local fetish shops too - it become my regular activity during foreign trips, hihi. But most of the stuff offered was PVC or leather, latex in very limited quantities only, unfortunately.

My favorite area was around Moulin Rouge, full of sex shops where I did a lot of shopping :-P.

Honeyhair in Paris - #001 Honeyhair in Paris - #002 Honeyhair in Paris - #003 Honeyhair in Paris - #004 Honeyhair in Paris - #005 Honeyhair in Paris - #006 Honeyhair in Paris - #007 Honeyhair in Paris - #008 Honeyhair in Paris - #009 Honeyhair in Paris - #010 Honeyhair in Paris - #011 Honeyhair in Paris - #012

I was lucky enough Fetish in Paris party was held in the time of my stay. Of course I attended. It belongs to the kind of smaller regular parties but I was surprised how dressed the people were. WOW - really spectacular costumes, I guess the French fashion sense is not lost even in case of fetish attires. I felt little ashamed wearing only simple black latex dress :-)

Photos from Her-v:

Honeyhair in Paris - #013 Honeyhair in Paris - #014 Honeyhair in Paris - #015

And what I miss the most after my return home? I absolutely fell in love with the Parisian baguettes - they do offer so called "French baguettes" here, but they are incomparable to the originals.

Sun Jan 21 21:02:46 2018 Nom nom πŸ˜‹ https://t.co/YjZizgLSOY
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