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February 26th 2010

Web reconstruction nearly done

Honeyhair - look All the reconstruction work and improvements are done. Only some debugging remains.

The new updates will appear very very soon. So stay tuned :-)

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February 23rd 2010

Sinless partying

Here are few photos from Sinless Pure BDSM party :-) I wore my new spanked dress with all my back exposed :-)

It was another great night full of plays, little bondage and a ton of fun.

Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #01 Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #02 Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #03 Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #04 Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #05 Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #06 Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #07 Honeyhair @ Sinless' Pure BDSM - #08
February 9th 2010

Brand new three flyers featuring your favorite model, Honeyhair

I am so proud, I appeared on 3 upcoming fetish party flyers in the past couple of weeks :-)

First one is Sinless flyer. The theme of this occasion is PURE BDSM. See how VinyLily dominated me....

If you are around Prague, don't miss it. The date is Wednesday, 10th February! Hmm, what shall I wear? :-)

More photos from the shooting will soon appear in my gallery section. And some behind the scenes photos with the Revelator's (the photographer) commentary are to be found in his blog.

Honeyhair - Sinless: Pure BDSM

Second flyer is for an Ottawa located party. It is named Winterlube - a Latex St. Valentine Play Party and held on Saturday, 13 February.

I dare to say I'm better and better when shooting in freezing temperatures :-) You can also see more of the photos in my gallery section soon.

Honeyhair - Winterlube

And the third one is a flyer for Fetish Grand Prix V. which is planned for Saturday, 29 May.

It's at the end of the spring, almost summer so we chose a more appropriate themed photo from my non-published set yet. Yes, it means you can look forward for more photos of me in this lovely red dress from Polymorphe and my red umbrella :-)

Honeyhair - FGP V.
Sun Jan 21 21:02:46 2018 Nom nom πŸ˜‹ https://t.co/YjZizgLSOY
Sat Jan 20 17:01:21 2018 To se to lenosi πŸ˜‹ https://t.co/ru2lqviR1M
Fri Jan 19 23:50:41 2018 What a lovely coincidence! @ArianeStAmour and me share our birthday today 😍 Make us happy by subscribing to our web… https://t.co/gGjlMThO3d
Fri Jan 19 23:34:55 2018 RT @ArianeStAmour: Today it @Honeyhair and I birthday!Make us happy by subscribing to our websites! https://t.co/EFBMk8vcee and https://t.c…
Fri Jan 19 12:01:07 2018 Clearly Muddy - part 4 https://t.co/43Yrs5Y5J2 What a classy photo at the occasion of my #birthday 8-) #wishlist… https://t.co/c2ZYNk2GLC
Thu Jan 18 9:02:47 2018 RT @rubbereva: Just going through Latex Catsuit stock today and hopefully get some up on the in stock section of the shop :) https://t.co/O…
Wed Jan 17 17:03:12 2018 Awesome dress made by Adema 😍 #honeyhair #reddress #latex #elegant #adema https://t.co/xv1vd00WPb
Wed Jan 17 12:01:06 2018 Crisp as Ice - part 3 https://t.co/JN3WG4f7fb I rule this frozen land! https://t.co/ibCMwy0MGG
Mon Jan 15 12:01:09 2018 New set - Blades in Latex https://t.co/BhMXsKoDhw In @SimonO_Latex leggins https://t.co/y4jcBy06dL
Mon Jan 15 11:16:03 2018 The Bath Latex @RubberEvaShop Photographer Martin Linhart Model @Honeyhair ----- Full set online at… https://t.co/nQ0Jkrqzd9
Sat Jan 13 12:01:05 2018 Clearly Muddy - part 3 https://t.co/43Yrs5Y5J2 Smack #Smack https://t.co/8D1N2bzUXV