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April 19th 2009

Photoshooting in quarry

Just few pics from shooting in my new Simon O. corset. Reportedly it’s one of the first one sold from their new collection.

It was shot in an old abandoned quarry. Believe me balancing on big rocks in high heels is not easy at all. But the results are great. Also I must say the spring has really arrived and feeling almost like summer. Can you imagine how warm I was in that black catsuit? :-)

Honeyhair with SimonO corset in quarry Honeyhair with SimonO corset in quarry
April 17th 2009

Fetish Evolution Essen - back

So I have arrived back home from Fetish Evolution in Essen. It was as great as last year. This event surely belongs to my favorite fetish parties.

The fair was much better than last year, more booths with richer offer. Naturally I purchased some new cool stuff. I bought again from Favor, skirts this year and got my first items from Demask. Finally I acquired a pair of cute hair-slide from très bonjour.

Most events took place at the same places as last year except the ball which was held in a venue called Essence. Each night has a little different atmosphere - opening, the great ball with fashion shows and the final playparty for wilder fun or just friendly talking. It’s just a pity the first night it was too warm in the club which limited my fun somewhat. But I enjoyed all the parties nevertheless. Being in Essen for longer time this year it was also great I had more time to spend relaxing in sauna and swimming pool.

Here are some pics shot between the parties. Some were made by cell phone so sorry for the quality :-) The last photo is from dinner we had with people staying one more day after FEE. I’m sure you will recognize some familiar faces ;-)

Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - lunch Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - spring time Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - spring time Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - Demask latex Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - Demask latex Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - latex hair-slide Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - relax time Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - relax time, red bikini Honeyhair at Fetish Evotuion Essen - dinner with friends
April 2nd 2009

LATEX All Access contributor

LATEX All AccessHi guys,
Perhaps you have already heard of the LATEX All Access site. If not, let me quote of the mission of the site:
The goal of this website is to report all news related to latex clothing, may it be in direct relation to its core origin (the fetish scene), or its use in mainstream medias.

Why I am mentioning it here? I am proud to announce I am one of the contributors of LATEX All Access, together with BelgiumMarc as another contributor and Martin Perreault as the editor.

Therefore I would be glad if you will find some interesting news article or even gossip about latex (celebrities in latex,latex in music videos or movies, news from fetish community etc.) - please post me a link to the source or mention it on my forum, so I can write about it. Or if you are fetish model, photographer, latex manufacturer you can send me your news you would want to be published :-).


April 1st 2009

One year anniversary

One year anniversaryThe time really does fly, it’s a year my site has opened. I hope you enjoyed it same as me.
Allow me to wish my site - more photos and more visitors.
Here is a very simple, special occasion set. But what a birthday it would be without a cake. Do you want a bite?
Mon Jan 22 12:01:08 2018 New set - Tropical Paradise https://t.co/sosEpdzl3x After weekend of skiing let me hit you with some summer photos. Enjoy the hotness 8-)
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Fri Jan 19 12:01:07 2018 Clearly Muddy - part 4 https://t.co/43Yrs5Y5J2 What a classy photo at the occasion of my #birthday 8-) #wishlist… https://t.co/c2ZYNk2GLC
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Wed Jan 17 17:03:12 2018 Awesome dress made by Adema 😍 #honeyhair #reddress #latex #elegant #adema https://t.co/xv1vd00WPb
Wed Jan 17 12:01:06 2018 Crisp as Ice - part 3 https://t.co/JN3WG4f7fb I rule this frozen land! https://t.co/ibCMwy0MGG
Mon Jan 15 12:01:09 2018 New set - Blades in Latex https://t.co/BhMXsKoDhw In @SimonO_Latex leggins https://t.co/y4jcBy06dL
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