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March 31st 2009

Honeyhair's forum

Hi guys,
Another great news. Our Forum is now online :-)
I hope you will join in and make it a nice and lively place.
March 22nd 2009

Fetish Evolution Essen - me going

Fetish Evolution 2009 logo

So I just booked the hotel and ordered the tickets for the 2009Fetish Evolution. Essen is a fair distance from here, but last year I had a blast so few hours in car is an acceptable price. I can’t wait to party for several days dressed up in latex, to see what the designers will offer on the fair. And the best is, I will see my friends again.

Anybody else going?

March 17th 2009

Interview with Fixe Magazine

Fixe Magazine

I have some exciting news :-) Recently Fixe Magazine, a free online fetish magazine, asked me for an interview. Naturally I gladly accepted.

They asked me 9 questions ranging from fetish modeling to personal life, likes and dislikes.

How did you become interested in fetish/BDSM?
I was probably born with some degree of kink and fetishism. Already in my early teenage years I liked to wear spandex and other shiny materials. Leather became my favorite material for everyday use, both genuine and artificial. The first latex, a simple black skirt, I bought many years ago in a sex shop. But the major breaking point was probably the discovery of Bianca Beauchamp’s Latexlair. I saw many great outfits there, ways how they can be combined and how sexy they look... I got into contact with other people in fetish community, which later made me to start to attend fetish parties all over the world and gradually extend my latex wardrobe. And ever since I have been absolutely absorbed by the fetish world.

The interview was published yesterday together with some pictures they asked for to accompany the text. By the way you can find many interviews with other models too in the section.

Read the full interview with Fixe Magazine here ;-)

March 9th 2009

Model Mayhem, Twitter

Continuing in expansion and connecting the world :-)
I have created profiles on Model Mayhem and Twitter :-) On the first one you can see some not before shown photos ;-) . The later is here to be able to inform you, my fans, better, through another channel. Come and join my network, hihi.
Model Mayhem
March 2nd 2009

Fetish Grand Prix

This Saturday I attended my second fetish party in the Czech Republic, the Fetish Grand Prix near Brno. Yes, only second, funny I have been at much more international events then local ones.

Anyway, it was the third time this party was held, a gathering of about 50 people booking a whole small hotel to enjoy their kinky hobby. There’s even a swimming pool area for further fun.

The program was well balanced for an event of this size. After the official welcome the evening started with a small slideshow and TV report both made during the previous event, then a dinner, later followed by a fashion show. The last official part was a small rout served on latex. But the event was far from over, conversation and all other kinds of went on till wee Sunday hours.
Despite being a newbie in Czech fetish scene I felt great at the party. That all thanks to the fact I met a lot of so likable people :-)

Don’t doubt I shot many, many photos for you. During the whole night I managed to change outfits 4 time, hehe. See! And much more photos will appear soon in my galleries...

Honeyhair at FetishGP - silver body Honeyhair at FetishGP - latex rout Honeyhair at FetishGP - blue corner Honeyhair at FetishGP - black catsuit