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January 21st 2009

Skiing in Kitzbühel

I just spent a great week in Austrian Alps, Kitzbühel.

Despite the extreme freezing temperatures here at home the weather in the mountains was splendid. There were temperatures around -3 C and clear blue sky, a perfect present for my birthday.

I have been in Kitzbühel about 5 or 6 years ago and I must say it's still one of my favorite sky resorts. Although it has changed a lot from my last visit, new slopes and ski lift has appeared.

We shot a couple of sets too and even thus it wasn't as cold as in the case of my other winter sets I still had to disrobe and pose in -3 C. Here are some non fetish photos :-)

Kitzbühel slopes Night Kitzbühel #1 Night Kitzbühel #2 Night Kitzbühel #3

OK, OK, one small teaser for you :-) See any difference on me? Hihi.

Honeyhair in Kitzbühel
January 3rd 2009

New Year's Party

How did you celebrate the end of the year? The effects of the wild partying just wearing off me finally...

The New Year's Eve I spent in my favorite club. It's a five floor venue, each floor offering different music style so you can always choose what suits you best :-)

During the night we shot a number of photos, unfortunately the girls were too shy to pose with me :-( Still there are so many pictures I will present them soon as a separate gallery. Until then here is a small teaser ;-)

New Year's Party #1 New Year's Party #2
January 1st 2009

Happy New Year with new look

As you might have already noticed, I have altered the look of the site somewhat. I was thinking about the change for some time, and found the beginning of year to be a very good opportunity to do it.

I wish you, my visitors, a happy year 2009. And I can only hope my site will be a place bringing you a part of that happiness.

And let me remind you, you can still order my exclusive calendar.

Finally for the sake of memory a picture of the original site look: