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April 1st 2008

Grand opening - Not an April Fools' Day joke

So the web finally came on-line. It's so new the paint might still be fresh. And actually even some minor construction works might still not be finished too. Nevertheless I hope you my dear visitors will enjoy your stay here.

Actually what can you expect to find here? Well, some pictures of me, then some info on me, ways to contact me, some links and then more pictures of me. The site looks little one person oriented, huh.

You might have noticed there are no galleries at the time of "grand opening". My idea is to have a few days gap between the site opening and the first set put on-line. But starting April 18th seven days in row a new set will be published everyday. Later, after this explosive start, the frequency of updates will thin. (Didn't you expect I could hold the high tempo forever, did you silly?) Still I plan to serve several updates per month.

OK, enough of loitering at the entrance. Go and look around the site. Be my guest.