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April 1st 2017

9th year website anniversary! β™₯

Photo by Miguel Infante, latex Brigitte  More  Lovely Latex, for Fetish  Evolution 2017
Photo by Miguel Infante, latex Brigitte More Lovely Latex, for Fetish Evolution 2017

Wow, another year of my site on my latex belt. We are running into double digits soon.

Thank you again for your amazing support! It all wouldn't be possible without you, of course. I'm so happy for all my supporters and fans <3

Coincidentally there is an article about me at The Fetishistas website published just these days - lot of pictures and you can read about me and my fetish world exploration ;-) thank you Tony and Heidi.

And for the last. I am switching the currency I am selling my subscriptions to US dollars, because of the punitive exchange rate CCBill provides (and it operates in US dollars only). I will keep the current prices for a little while - as a birthday/introductory "discount". But after than I feel it's time to increase the rates a little bit. Compared to all other fetish sites I believe the prices are more than competitive, especially considering I offer almost 25k photos in the galleries :) (All the existing subscription will keep their price tag unchanged, of course.)
So get it, while it's on sale! ;-)

With love

Thu Jul 27 13:59:24 2017 Latex: Marquis Fashion πŸ˜‹ HMua: Angi Delrey πŸ’• #honeyhair #marquis #marquisfashion #DoreenForMarquis @Honeyhair https://t.co/bVXF7csguq
Wed Jul 26 22:34:55 2017 Long time no artwork so time to show you again some from the notorious @Missjaneuk1 https://t.co/mVqOfrdPTE
Wed Jul 26 16:20:24 2017 Sunny day today ^^ Great conditions to shoot this amazing @inner9 corset :-p With Chris Hammer #honeyhair… https://t.co/V4R98zigi8
Tue Jul 25 22:36:58 2017 Nom nom dinner after a busy day πŸ˜‹πŸ₯‚ @Honeyhair https://t.co/Sk3fddB3m8
Tue Jul 25 16:59:04 2017 First look of today ^^ 😎 Latex by Marquis Fashion Photographer Chris Hammer HMua Angi Delrey #honeyhair… https://t.co/7SpAHYYnLs
Mon Jul 24 11:01:07 2017 Kinky Dress Code Office - part 3 https://t.co/Be52GZwC4o Would you work with me? ;-) https://t.co/Q2QVXZI2hH
Sun Jul 23 19:38:31 2017 Hey, what! 😎 Photographer: Plaisirdessens Costume: MyObsession Model: @Honeyhair Full set online at… https://t.co/2qURt1oHGS
Sat Jul 22 20:02:50 2017 My kind of Saturday πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹ I shot this lovely dress by Adrienne ^^ #honeyhair #model #latex #fetish @Honeyhair https://t.co/St5YtuEaz4
Fri Jul 21 22:30:36 2017 #cinematime https://t.co/YtbreerxuG
Wed Jul 19 17:09:55 2017 Hey, What! - part 3 https://t.co/hcLeTVe84Y Be #cool https://t.co/isg8aYAhiU
Wed Jul 19 15:47:38 2017 You can find sexy pics together with an interview with me in the new @MarquisMagazine issue πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹ @Honeyhair https://t.co/MEKfwAd5zF