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April 1st 2017

9th year website anniversary! β™₯

Photo by Miguel Infante, latex Brigitte  More  Lovely Latex, for Fetish  Evolution 2017
Photo by Miguel Infante, latex Brigitte More Lovely Latex, for Fetish Evolution 2017

Wow, another year of my site on my latex belt. We are running into double digits soon.

Thank you again for your amazing support! It all wouldn't be possible without you, of course. I'm so happy for all my supporters and fans <3

Coincidentally there is an article about me at The Fetishistas website published just these days - lot of pictures and you can read about me and my fetish world exploration ;-) thank you Tony and Heidi.

And for the last. I am switching the currency I am selling my subscriptions to US dollars, because of the punitive exchange rate CCBill provides (and it operates in US dollars only). I will keep the current prices for a little while - as a birthday/introductory "discount". But after than I feel it's time to increase the rates a little bit. Compared to all other fetish sites I believe the prices are more than competitive, especially considering I offer almost 25k photos in the galleries :) (All the existing subscription will keep their price tag unchanged, of course.)
So get it, while it's on sale! ;-)

With love

Sun Sep 24 17:54:27 2017 Catsuit at Lago di Braies @Honeyhair ----- Full set online at https://t.co/ZnlGovANq3 https://t.co/CgbVLliQ4m https://t.co/KlsalKlvH7
Sat Sep 23 20:16:17 2017 Latex dress by Marquis Fashion πŸ’• #honeyhair #model #busygirl #globetrotter #paris #latexdress #MarquisFashion… https://t.co/uTpZXHD7ND
Sat Sep 23 20:14:21 2017 RT @MarcusTPhoto: Canary coloured cutie missfetilicious with pretty-in-pink @Honeyhair, taken during the… https://t.co/1q01zHKLS5
Fri Sep 22 21:01:08 2017 Catsuit at Lago di Braies - part 3 https://t.co/woOQOJiOs0 Mesmerizing! https://t.co/pzBhXhh940
Thu Sep 21 20:00:17 2017 I shot this beautiful dress by Marquis fashion today ^^ #honeyhair #model #busygirl #photoshoot #paris #france… https://t.co/vxQz4GVnw3
Thu Sep 21 8:13:08 2017 RT @Missjaneuk1: #NewArtwork of my #Muse @Honeyhair. Comments, RT's and loves always welcome https://t.co/YZwgriO4Bx
Wed Sep 20 18:35:56 2017 Beautiful day today πŸ˜‹ Dress by Adema #honeyhair #model #busygirl #globetrotter #photoshoot #paris @Honeyhair https://t.co/g1rsjQ501T
Wed Sep 20 11:01:09 2017 Hike Thirties Style - part 4 https://t.co/xTFVqoeUiE I reached the lookout spot. https://t.co/5Yy3jLidP6
Tue Sep 19 11:26:30 2017 Shooting ^^ #honeyhair #model #busygirl #globetrotter #photoshoot #paris #france #studio #behindthescenes #bodysuit… https://t.co/zBg0UwAseh
Mon Sep 18 21:56:33 2017 RT @Missjaneuk1: #NewArtwork of the beautiful @Honeyhair. Comments, RT's and LOVE always welcomed https://t.co/GS4JR8hNcN
Mon Sep 18 11:01:08 2017 Sway with Me - part 2 https://t.co/zsoCZ4tily @SusanWayland - isn't she beautiful? (tag @SimonO_Latex) https://t.co/qyaf6PDz2k